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R.I.P. Comrades. Gone but Never Forgotten.

Today 01/11/13 the Greek Government in Collusion with their Jewish American backers MURDERED two Golden Dawn members and critically wounding a third.



A motorcycle with two terrorists wearing helmets stopped in front of the offices of the Golden Dawn in Neo Iraklio Athens.  People were standing outside the offices when the passenger got off the motorcycle and shot in cold blood at a distance of 1.5 feet two young men aged 22 and 26 years old. Before leaving the terrorists again shot the young men lying on the ground.

They literally emptied their guns on them. Another citizen was seriously injured by a bullet. It’s a miracle that no one else was hurt. The attack was planned and appears not to be aimed at a specific person, but rather anyone who was outside the offices of Golden Dawn while it was open.

The Golden Dawn had requested police protection for the office as they had been receiving threats, but the treacherous coalition of Samaras refused!

The anti-Greek government is guilty of this crime, they are using any means to try and stop the peoples nationalist movement but they will fail!

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Golden Dawn New York Division releases statement on tragic double murder.

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Golden Dawn Nationalist Martyrs Giorgos and Manos

Eileen has been found safe and well.

World mourns the death of convicted communist terrorist.

This enormous soviet flag was displayed at ANC mass rallies. Communist leaders such as Jewish supremacist Joe Slovo were not only present as dignitaries, but later occupied key posts within the ANC government.

Nelson Mandela Was A Communist Terrorist Backed By Zionists

Nelson Mandela the formerPresident of South Africa has passed away at the age of 95.  The big  media outlets are currently spending hours upon hours of air time praising Mandela as some sort of angelic icon of peace.  This is a total fabrication of reality.  Mandela originally aligned himself with the African National Congress a Communist revolutionary group heavily influenced and financed by Zionist Jews.  This organization would be responsible for all sorts of atrocities in South Africa which eventually led to Mandela's time in jail. 

Mandela co-founded the militant wing of the ANC with various South African Communists including an Israeli Jew by the name of Arthur Goldreich.  The group was called Umkhonto we Sizwe or Spear of the Nation.  It is important to note that the ANC not only attacked official government buildings but even non-government targets like movie theatres as well.  It was this activity that made it easy for several countries including the United States to label the ANC as a terrorist organization.  Mandela himself was even on the U.S. terrorist watch list until 2008.  Fun facts about Mandela such as these are completely ignored by all of the big media outlets because it runs contrary to the portrait they are trying to paint. 

In order to understand who Mandela really was it is necessary to understand the real history of apartheid South Africa.  The policies of apartheid or racial segregation were largely implemented starting in the late 1940s to early 1950s.  These policies were originally intended to give the different races within South Africa an independent area of their own.  It was argued by South African leaders at the time that South Africa wasn’t a single nation but was made up of several different racial groups which should be split apart.  Although the merits of these policies or lack thereof could be argued, the policies were not as nefarious as we have been led to believe.

The so-called apartheid South African government which was dominated by White Europeans had made South Africa a successful independent first world nation.  This was the real reason why Jewish Communists sought to use the ANC as a way to demonize the White European leaders in power.  South Africa represented an independent economic and military power that needed to be brought under their influence. 

Much like the phony civil rights movement in America, the ANC was dominated by Jewish Communists even up until the 1990s when Mandela took power. A recent article from Haaretz notes the following.

The African National Congress, the liberation movement that became the governing party in 1994, also had a full complement of Jews, including Joe Slovo, Ronnie Kasrils and Denis Goldberg.

The ANC would not only engage in acts of terror against Whites but they would also do the same against Blacks who they suspected of collaborating with Whites.  Specifically they would execute and torture people by igniting a rubber tire filled with petrol that they forced over their chests and arms.   The practice referred to as necklacing would typically take the victim over 15 minutes to die in certain cases.  Hundreds of executions using this method were carried out by the ANC.  Even Mandela’s one-time wife Winnie would implicitly endorse this method of torture and execution.

Early in his life Mandela was surrounded by Jews and was given his first job as a clerk by a Jewish lawyer named Lazar Sidelsky.  He would associate himself with a large number of Jewish Communists including some of the ones mentioned previously.  In fact during a sweep of the ANC in the early 1960s which resulted in his arrest and lengthy prison sentence, a significant number of Jews were also arrested.  Enormous caches of weapons and explosives held by the ANC were also uncovered. A recently published article from Tablet Magazine goes into great detail about how Mandela was aligned strongly with a significant number of Zionist and Communist Jews before and up until the time of his arrest. 

 In 1985,the President of South Africa Pieter W. Botha offered to release Mandela from prison if he would unconditionally reject violence as a political instrument Mandela refused the offer.  This fact completely destroys the notion that Mandela was a man of peace.

Mandela’s release from prison in 1990 was greeted with widespread media coverage from all of the major Jewish controlled press outlets including American mainstream media.  Instead of focusing on his past, he was portrayed as a man of peace and an iconic freedom fighter.  The biased media spin was used to make people forget about who he really was.  Amazingly the ridiculous media extravaganza helped Mandela become President of South Africa allowing his Jewish backers to change South Africa into a nation run by Communist principles. 

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.Remembering Monica Riordan who has been missing for two years on the 20/12/2013

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